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At MEI, we don’t just design furniture, we sculpt experiences.

Moses Statue in Myers Park


Welcome to the luxurious world where history is remastered, blending seamlessly with innovative designs, where every piece of furniture tells a uniquely personal story of expression.  Immerse yourself in the unparalleled realm of MEI – a voyage that promises to redefine your perception of luxury.

At MEI, our mission is to stands out as a symbol of boldness and creativity. MEI represents a blend of inspiration from the past and our constant desire to explore and innovate going forward into the future. We challenge the existing norms and our sculptural works are not just furniture, but also daring statements designed to transform what luxuriant means. 


Experience luxury beyond the mundane constraints of mainstream materialism with MEI. Our creations are an ode to imagination and evoke emotions, fostering creativity. Our designs encompass sleek, contemporary lines and intricately handcrafted avant-garde sculptures, making them veritable works of art. Each MEI masterpiece is an odyssey of enlightenment, waiting to be embarked upon.


At MEI, we are redesigning the paradigm.

We don't believe in adhering to antiquated norms when it comes to luxury. We strive to innovate and shatter boundaries, leaving our competitors in awe. Our defiance of convention isn't just a dalliance with rebellion; it is a deliberate proclamation of our commitment to pioneering change, it is a revolution.

MEI Creme & Green
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