Christmas Time = Cookie Time

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I LOVE cookies, that being said- because of said love I almost NEVER bake. That makes about zero sense, right?! To me it makse tons of sense. And why? Because when I bake, I turn into a cookie monster. No, you read that right- a cookie monster. My husband is German and has the unfortunate tendency to only eat cookie dough (which we all admit, IS awsome), but always declines baked cookies. He always complains of dryness. Honestly, I shouldn't be surprised when most germans like their cakes, for example, so moist they're more cream than cake. So where does that leave me?? Eating all the cookies is where! "But don't you have kids?" you ask- sure do, 3 of them. But what concerned mother is going to allow her sweet little children to OD on cookies? Not this one- that's who. Of course they get their fair share, but when all is said and done...I seem to always have taken one for the team. And then I'm stuck with feeling all the regret in the morning- lol.

The Multi-faceted Cookie

All of the snacking and guilt aside, I still really LOVE cookies. My favorite cookie, or my 'Ole Faithful that I always seem to come back to is the ancient sugar cookie ;)

I mean, what's NOT to love about a good sugar cookie?