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Design & Style: New Mondern Envy Collections

It. is. so. amazing.

I mean it. I am so pumped (do people still say that?) to be introducing the begining for my up and coming vintage floral collection.

Ever since I was a child I have been utterly enchanted by all things vintage and antique. I cn remember how my mother would take me with her to go antiquing and how we would ooo and aahhh at the old sideboards or kitchen chairs or old books with all the mystery they contained. Once my mother saw my fauning over an old green glasss rolling pin and it tugged at both our hearts imagining all of the history it had seen in doing its duty in the kitchen- the very heart of every home. She bought that rolling pin and gave it to me. I was still a young woman, but I treasure it still today and it has new memorie attached to its existence now.

My new collection, which you can here under my SHOP page in the top menu preview (a few pieces) and purchase for a limited time, is that love of the vintage and of history and richness itself revived through art and design. Each piece is inspired by actual antique prints only recently released. Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or special orders, and dont't forget more is yet to come when the rest of the collection is fully released!

You can find more of my line and soo many more product options when you go to or Etsy and search under modernenvyinteriors , or paste this link into your browser:



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